Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paper Bag Album

I first heard of Paper Bag Albums from my Mother who saw them on ebay. I loved that you could make something so beautiful from just paper bags! We went out the next day and bought a package of paper bags. The bags we had weren't quite what I wanted though and I gave up trying to make one. Then we happened upon an ebay seller who sells lots of blank paper bag albums. Her name is Shmizz and her ebay store is Scrapbook Supply Outlet.

We love the quality that she puts into her bags and I would never buy them from anyone else.
She irons them out so that the bags will lay flatter. Then she sprays them with archival mist which makes the bags acid free and safe for photos. Next she sews up the middle and punches the holes. You have your choice of 3 or 5 holes. Her paper bag albums come in several different sizes. 6x6 or 8x8 are my favorites to work with.

Here is an album I made a couple years ago using an 8x8 paper bag album. I used Cosmo Cricket's Little Girls paper line.

There are many great ways to bind up the sides of the book. Remember though that the binding of it is just for looks as it already has been sewn up the middle to secure the pages in place. On this album I used strips of fabric. I have also used metal binding rings which you can find at any craft store and then tied strips of ribbon around that. I have also braided ribbon up the binding too. The possibilities are endless!

One of my favorite accents to add are acrylic flourish stamps! They are so pretty and they really add a lot of detail to the book. You can find them at your local Hobby Lobby.

I really love adding flowers to my books and layouts. I know that the flowers at scrapbook stores can be expensive so instead of using those go to a Hobby Lobby or Michaels and look through their floral department. You can find bunches of smaller flowers and then just cut them of the stem and place the on your pages. It's much cheaper and Hobby Lobby usually puts them on sale every couple weeks.

Feel free to click on any pictures to make them bigger!

Thanks for looking at my album! If you would like to make a paper bag album check out Scrapbook Supply Outlet or enter in my upcoming giveaway where I will be including a paper bag album!

Jennifer of For the Love of a Teddy Bear tagged me to share 6 uninteresting things about myself. Let's see, that should be pretty easy!

1. I have to listen to rock music while I scrapbook. Usually fairly loud Rock music. It helps my creativity flow and it really helps me think.

2. I know it's very weird but I like to scrapbook without pictures. I feel so constrained when I use photos that I can only use certain paper that matches or that it has to be arranged on the page a certain way. I like letting the paper tell me how it should be arranged on the page, not how it would look for my photos. It also means that I can use whatever paper I want whether I have photos to match or not. I have started making layouts and albums to sell to try and support my hobby.

3. I have never lived anywhere else other than Springfield, MO and I know I would never want to! It's a great place to live! I am just half an hour away from the Entertainment capitol of the world, Branson, MO. We get Season passes to the amazing Silver Dollar City Amusement Park! It's wonderful!

4. I am the only person in my family that is not afraid of heights. Therefore when we go to Silver Dollar City I don't get to ride any of the rides because I don't want to go by myself and I have no one who will go with me.

5. I love the Japanese anime Kawai style! I love Hello Kitty! I would love to have a scrapbook line dedicated to this style!

6. I love to collect copies of The Wizard of Oz book. I have always loved the different covers and unique illustrations. But I have never actually read the book all the way through. I think I should make that a goal for me that I need to completely read the book this year!

Well thank you for reading these six very uninteresting things about me! Now I must tag six more people to share 6 uninteresting things.

I wish you all a happy week, Lindsey


  1. Hi, Lindsey! I was excited to see a poat pop up! What a cute album and a cute line of paper you used! I like the way you tied the "rags" on the binding.

    An album give away sounds exciting! ☺ I look forward to it!

    I used to only be able to clean house to loud rock music but when we started homeschooling, I had to stop that habit! Now I'm used to it being quiet!

    You poor thing- no one to ride the rides with! Micah doesn't want to go on the rides. I never knew there could be a kid who wouldn't want to!

    I mailed a package off today. ☺ But be prepared- It's going slow- mo. ♥

  2. Hello! I'm new here, this is the first time I'm commenting but I've been reading your blogs from afar. :)

    I've not tried scrapbooking before but looking at your creations make me want to start learning now. And oh, please do start a scrap book line on Hello Kitty. I love Hello Kitty too & I can't wait to see your creative works. =)

    Thank you.

  3. Super Cutie album! I love paper bag albums... I have some papers in mind, and just need to get it going.... You have inspired me! And now I will have to think on my tag... :)

  4. Hi Lindsey! The paper bag album is very pretty, your so good with color and knowing what looks good together....I like! I think you are very interesting but I have to agree with your family, I wouldn't go on the rides either... hate heights!!! Have a nice evening hugs, Jennifer!! : )

  5. oooops, I forgot...Thank you for the barbie tag!! that is so neat, I think it's going to go in my victorian room....hugs, Jennifer

  6. i just love paper bag albums and want to make one sooo bad! yours is super cute:)

  7. Your paper bag album is so sweet and you worked so hard on it, I can tell. What detail!
    I think the prettiest Wizard of Oz book I have seen was a pop up one I saw in a catalog. I love pop up books, but did not order that one as it was too pricey.I sure did want it though!
    Mailed you & Mom a box today!
    Blessings, Sarita

  8. ok, your albums are just AMAZING!!!!! I love this Cosmo one...it's so sweet and pretty. ohhh....glad you gave me link for those albums!!! And a giveaway!!

  9. Hi Lindsey,

    You really are very talented :-)

    Thanks for tagging me - I have to work all week so have a few posts typed and saved already - but as soon as I get a break -fingers crossed- I'l do about about this :-)

    Have a good day!

    Rose XXX

  10. Hi Lindsey, thanks for the tag... I'll get that up this week hopefully.

    I love Hello Kitty too :o) my mum can't understand it as i'm not a cat fan!!!

    You inspire me to try scrapbooking before I have the photos I want to use, I seem to have the idea i need the photos first but it's not the case as you demonstrate so well!

    Victoria xxx

  11. I love your paper bag album! So much so that I popped right over and bought a pink set to make my own for my new granddaughter, Madison! Thanks for showing us where to buy the best pages and for your tips! Suzie

  12. Wow, that is so gorgeous! What a great choice of colours, fabrics and styles. Love it- and what a fantastic idea for a giveaway!! xx

  13. Hi Lindsey! Your paper bag album is absolutely darling! Love it!

    I love riding the rides at amusement parks!!! I can't now though because of some health stuff, but they are so much fun!

    Oh, I got my package today from you! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE love LoVe the Workbasket Magazines! OMGosh! I was so excited when I saw what was inside the package! There were some ones I don't have, either! Some good tatting patterns, too!!! Woo Hoo! Thanks a BUNCH to you and Twyla! (((HUGS))) OMGosh, the card is darling, too! I will be posting about it later! :)

  14. I have never heard of paper bag albums. Great idea and a good tip about spraying them first.
    BTW it is 60's rock music blaring at my house all the time. I remember all the words but can barely remember what I did a week ago.
    Also I swoon for Johnny Depp and did a little post on him last month. Oh my.

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