Sunday, October 18, 2009

Denim and Daisies CT Call!

Denim and Daisies site

Denim and Daisies is having a CT call. CT experience is not necessary, but dedication is a must! Participation in forum, gallery and special events is required! Call is open October 16th - 31st. All positions MUST be filled before the grand opening on October 31st.

The garden is in need of some dedicated flowers to join the blooming Creative Team. No gardening experience is required! Come join this fantastic team of wildflowers. Hurry, the garden gate closes in two weeks!

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  1. Hello there, Twyla!
    It's very nice to meet you, too! You have such a sweet place! Happy day to you and I'll be back!

  2. Good luck Lindsey, you will be perfect for this! I just noticed your CC tag - love, love it! Have a great weekend! E

  3. Lindsey, I had to come back and tell you to visit Paula Clare's Halloween tag book - it is amazing! E